SyFy’s Eureka Animated Christmas Special

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This time we’ll let the critics speak for us:

From i09:¬†Eureka‘s Christmas special took the show into the realm of animation, with incredible results. The episode was a minor masterpiece, a thrill ride that was equal parts exciting, emotional, and hilarious.


While last year’s special, “O Little Town”, was maybe a little too obsessed with Christmas for its own good, “Do You See What I See” is all about making the most of the show’s new animated format, and it does not disappoint. The initial computer animation sequence is mostly just there to serve as a transition between the live-action and what’s to come, but everything that follows is pretty much one big triumph.

The very next sequence, in which they turn into old-school, 60-style animated characters, fully embraces the format, complete with four-fingered hands, cartoon physics, and anthropomorphic everything, including Carter’s long-suffering jeep – voiced quite excellently byThe Big Bang Theory‘s Jim Parsons.

The big climax takes us into anime territory, as Carter, Jo, and their now flying jeep (which I can only assume is called C.A.R.L.) take on a gigantic ninja snowman who is terrorizing the town. The sequence is played much more straight than Futurama‘s recent takedown of Japanese animation, but there’s still plenty of shout-outs and homages, and you can tell everyone involved had a blast making it.

Here is a rare behind the scenes Work In Progress edit that shows the stages and process we go through to make cartoon magic:








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