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Humouring the Fates works closely with software developers for animation production. Namely, the two biggest in the industry: Toon Boom and RETAS!PRO.  By serving as beta-development and knowlege base engineers for both production  suites, we’ve created unique tricks of the trade for using the software, and our training team can develop workflow solutions for any production need. As the North American reseller and training center for RETAS!Pro we look forward to helping you meet your studio, school, or personal production needs.

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The RETAS!PRO Series are digital animation production support tools first released in 1993 that allow animation production, which was previously conducted using cels and film, to be carried out on a personal computer. Animation production is divided into a variety of processes including “Drawing”, “Finishing (Painting)”, and “Shooting”, and normally the work for these processes is carried out separately. Matching this “separated” animation production style, the RETAS!PRO Series consists of several tools that have been designed for each function.

• As the North American experts of the Japanese award-winning animation suite RETAS!Pro, Humouring the Fates provides all the services your studio needs to become fully functional in the digital animation spectrum.

• RETAS! Pro enjoys a 95% market share in Asian animation studios, now it is available in the US, in English, with trained experts (that’s us) to assist you.

• This is our studio’s software of choice, and we use it for almost all our productions.

Sales & Training

HTF, Inc. has been with RETAS!Pro prior to its official North American release in 1997, and has been the Beta test-site for all new releases from Japan. Now all of our years of insider knowledge, workflow hacks, and expertise can be passed on to your company or school. We train professors and students at universities, professional animators, entire production houses, and individuals who just want to learn more about cutting edge, modern animation techniques. Our goal is to leave you with a new understanding about the entire workflow of digital animation production than you did before. We evaluate your company’s entire production pipeline to design a curriculum that fits your specific needs. We fully understand that no one school or company are truly alike. The only constant we can attest to, after doing this for so many years, is that all animators (the world over) are a little… different… than normal people.

To schedule a training session, please contact us from the info on the contact page.

Development Concept

The HD, which is the 6th generation of the RETAS!PRO series was developed with the following 3 keywords in mind.

3 keywords in mind

The RETAS!PRO HD series is a new generation animation production software that is the result of improvements and enhancements based on a careful revision of the older versions’ functionality.

High Image Quality, High Resolution

Improvements have been made for supporting higher image quality and higher resolution to meet the needs for dealing with the upcoming terrestrial digital broadcasting (High Definition TV) era.


When migrating from the current SDTV (NTSC) to HDTV, it is necessary to process image data for approximately 5.6 times higher screen density per area. Processing capacity would reach its limit if the conventional raster based process is continued.

Needs for new technology for stress-free high resolution, high quality image environment

(1) Vector images in addition to the conventional raster image
RETAS!PRO now handles resolution-independent and compact vector images in addition to the conventional raster images.
DGA and CEL formats are added to handle vector image data as they cannot be handled with the general raster image format.


(2) Better screen presentation by using 16 bits and with enhanced special effects
To get more out of the higher resolution of HD, 16 bits/channel Color Picker has been added to the conventional 8 bits/channel.
Also, functions for special effects have been improved, allowing use of semi-transparent colors or high quality airbrush.

One-source, Multi-use

Improvements have been made to make it possible to use the animation in multiple media, that is, in TV animation, DVD, feature animation, publication, Internet, and cellular telephony.

  • RETAS!PRO HD series fully support vector images as their resolution is scalable and as such allows you to give the material a second use (multiuse) by changing the resolution accordingly at output.
  • RETAS!PRO HD series allows images created for TV animation to be exported to EPS and/or Flash formats (*) with their vector characteristics intact for their use with other software applications.
    * Export to EPS or Flash format is available for vector image data only.
  • The material can be used to produce high quality images for cinema animations or publications.
  • The material can also be used to produce lower resolution images for use in cellular telephony or Web animation (Flash)
  • Vector image quality does not deteriorate even when its resolution is changed because the most appropriate resolution for the use is applied.

Use reduced, Use enlarged

The RETAS!PRO HD has been developed to match the workflow of the production site and reproduce the animator’s skill as much as possible, and make the production more efficient. Backward compatibility and usability of older versions are also important aspects taken into consideration in the design.

RETAS!PRO HD keeps backward compatibility

(1) Compatibility with older version data
In RETAS!PRO HD series, proprietary image formats (DGA and CEL) have been added to the conventional general image format (e.g., TGA) to enable the exchange of data created with older versions. (*)

(2) Possibility of using the conventional [Mono Traced] image workflow only
It is also possible to work with the conventional mono trace image workflow only, without using the enhancements introduced in RETAS!PRO HD such as multi-layer image and 16 bits/channel.

(3) Support for mixed conventional and [HD series] environment
Gradual migration to HD series is possible because RETAS!PRO HD can be placed in a workflow implemented with older RETAS!PRO by limiting the image formats to be used in the finishing to [mono traced] images with general image format (e.g., TGA), or place Ver. 5 series in a workflow implemented with RETAS!PRO HD.

[ Example: Either of the following types of workflow is possible ]

workflow example

(* Image data (DGA format) created with STYLOS HD cannot be edited with STYLOS Ver.1)

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