PlayStation 4: Greatness Awaits

We were proud to be a part of the first PS4 commercial ever made. Sony’s gaming brand is worldwide phenomenon, and the new console launch has been 7 years in the making. This is an epic moment for gamers. So the launch commercial had to be EPIC. Here is a quick 2.5D animatic built from our production storyboards working with BBH creative director Nate Able.

The Greatness Awaits campaign was developed at BBH, New York, by chief creative officer John Patroulis, executive creative director Ari Weiss, creative director Nate Able, copywriter Rick Herrera, head of integrated production Justin Booth-Clibborn, senior producer Jennifer Moore Bell, production assistant AJ Gutierrez, head of account management Armando Turco, account director Melissa Hill, account manager Georgie Gooley and account coordinator Marshal Kerns.

Filming was shot by director Rupert Sanders via MJZ with director of photography Greig Fraser, president David Zander, executive producer Kate Leahy, producer Laurie Boccaccio, production supervisor Adriana Cebada Mora, production designer Dominic Watkins and costume designer Mayes Rubeo, working with producer Jose Ludlow at Kinema Films in Mexico.

Editor was Neil Smith at Work Post, New York, with executive producer Erica Thompson and assistant editor Healy Snow.

Visual effects and finishing were produced at The Mill, New York, by executive producer Jo Arghiris, senior VFX producer Charlotte Arnold, VFX supervisor Iwan Zwarts, VFX supervisor Rob Petrie, assistant producer Juan Handal, colour producer Heath Raymond, colourist Fergus McCall, 2D lead compositor Iwan Zwarts, 2D compositing artists Kyle Cody, Dan DiFelice, additional artists Danny Morris, John Mangia, Ilia Mokhtareizadeh, Greg Spencer, Dan Giraldo, 2D Conforms and Cut-downs artist Jade Kim, 3D lead artists Rob Petrie and Joji Tsuruga, 3D lead lighter Olivier Mitonneau, 3D animators Jeff Lopez, Alex Allain and Tyler Hurd, 3D artists Olivier Varteressian, Per Bergsten, Ivan Luque Cueller, Billy Dangyoon Jang, Boris Ustaev, Hassan Taimur, Ruben Vandebroek, Tim Kim, 3D Massive team Wyattt Savarese, Ed Hicks, Hassan Tuimir, 3D FX team Nick Couret, Ian Baxter, Phil Mayer, Cedrick Grousse, matte painter Can Y. Sanalan, title designer Mario Stipinovich, Tetsuro Mise and Eugene Kolb.

LIDAR services were provided by Travis Reinke at Scanable. Rotoscoping was provided by Trace VFX.

Sound was designed by Brian Emrich at Trinitite Studios and mixed at Sound Lounge by Tom Jucarone. Music was produced at Woodwork Music by Andrew Oswarek with composer Phil Kay.

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