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Nike : Punching Bag

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Click above to watch the Nike:Punching Bag spot (not final sound).

Ricky Engelberg, Nike’s digital director for Asia Pacific, sums up the theme of these spots real nice: “The ‘be transformed’ initiative celebrates the revolution across all aspects of women’s lives. Nike aims to inspire them to take control of their own personal development and understand the value in training.”

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MipTV 2012 KeyNote by the CEO of AMC Networks

This was quite an honor. We got to produce the visuals in Josh Sapan’s Keynote address for the opening of this year’s MipTV. Josh is arguably the most brilliant CEO in the industry. He’s the guy that’s greenlit Mad Men, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Portlandia, The Killing, Hell on Wheels, and well… we could keep going. He’s a true bad-ass allowing creative minds to make television that other networks wouldn’t touch with with MTV’s d*ck. Below you can watch the 2012 MipTV Keynote and Q&A in it’s entirety. It is a very interesting look into how AMC Networks and other Pay TV producers have been successful with great content in the age of the Digital Demon.

J-Stache (the cartoon about John Oates' mustache)

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We’d like to thank Will, Adam, Judd, and all the rest at FoD for seeing the humour in John Oates reuniting with his mustache. Here is our little teaser that got released a short while ago, for the show J-Stache:

Yes, that is John Oates as John Oates. Dave Attell is quite the dirty voice of an even dirtier mustache. John may have crafted countless chart topping hits, but his true calling is to star in an animated show were he embraces his former iconic self… for better or worse.

We went with a more retro 80’s cartoon look (read as poorly drawn) with the animation on this one, and purposefully let the director, Jesse Norton, draw most of the animation on this. He grew a handle bar mustache and went on a bender of cheap blended scotch, Clint cigars, elk jerky, and reruns of the 1988 season of Geraldo’s talk show. This was the result.

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Nike : Bike

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Click above to watch the Nike Women : Be Transformed campaigns’ Bike spot (not final sound).

The campaign runs exclusively in the Asia Pacific region across cinema, TV, digital (mobile and website), print, out-of-home and in-store. It includes a 110-metre long building wrap of Beijing’s International Plaza, one of the largest department stores in the city. (check out our Print & Design section to see that work and the 2 story sculpture of the punching bag monster!)

This campaign was designed to challenge women to understand the value of training and to rally around a manifesto to become stronger and more confident. We’re very happy that Nike and AKQA chose the medium of animation to execute this creative vision… and even happier that we got to build the animation for them.

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Koga's Email : A Benefit for Japan's Rescuers

This is a real email that was sent from our dear friend and the real-life basis for the Joe is Japanese character, Koga Sato. His email was such a relief to read, as we had not heard from anyone yet after the earthquake. It was inspiring and goofy. So much so, that we felt compelled to illustrate it and pass it on to the world (with Koga’s permission). This email made everyone at the animation studio feel a sense of duty to donate time to make this mini comic.

The comic has been reprinted by Wired Magazine, New York Times by columnist Andy Revkin, CREATIVE, Advertising Age, Ain’t It Cool News, Bleeding Cool, Comic Book Resources, and a lot more that we’ve probably missed. Please share it, post it, and print it as much as you like. It is a creative commons license so you can do anything with it as long as it is presented in its entirety and credit is given. We hope you enjoy this little read. If you do, we ask that you consider donations to the Search Dog Foundation. It’s an unsung group that has sent rescue dogs to find people in over 75 deployments- including the World Trade Center attacks, Hurricane Katrina, the Haiti disaster, and now in Fukushima, Japan. We’re hoping our little odd-ball comic will support a lesser known group of (furry) heroes.

Spread the love for Japan and beyond.


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Joe is Japanese : Kokoro (with subtitles)

A little while ago we set out to make a series about a longtime friend of the studio, Joe McCunney. Since we’re an animation studio we figured we should do it as an anime with Joe providing his very own voice… and we never really thought to give him a script either. We’d simply record real conversations with him in Tokyo, and figure out how a cartoon was supposed to develop from that. We hit animation gold. We’ve produced a 330 page graphic novel detailing his real life adventures… and we’ll just stay… they are CRAZY. Here is a new(er) episode of Joe is Japanese that now has Japanese & English subtitles and a little more sound design. A new version is coming soon with some fixes to the animation mistakes.

Regardless, we’re hoping you like this one as much as we do. It is guaranteed to teach you one new Japanese word. Oh and yes, in real life the Island Masta is almost as much of an idiot as he appears in this episode. Almost.

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M09 : Nintendo Game

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Here’s a portion of a new Japanese market Nintendo game we made the graphics for. A lot of in-game sprites flew from our fingers to make the deadlines on this game, but it was a blast. By clicking above, you can watch a clip from the intro video we made to show how amazing the game is when played on the Nintendo DS version. If you click to read more you can see some of the early character designs we made for the animation portions of the game.

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Eastern Conference Champions - The Box

This is the animated music video we made with the boys from the Eastern Conference Champions. By far the most interesting song we’ve ever made an video for… We used an new, untested (until this production) rotoscope animation process on this video. The actual techniques we used are a bit of a secret, but we will say we did use a ouija board to channel a rather hyperactive spirit from 1985 that claimed to supply the cocaine to the animation crew during production of A-Ha’s rotoscoped video. This paranormal entity’s tweaked advice, was particularly useless. So we just kinda winged it…

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Also, note the psychopaths’ line dance in the video. If you learn this dance before you hit an ECC concert, you can join all the other people on the dance floor in a post-modern hipster mating ritual that always ends in heaping handfuls of ass.

Trust us. Click the “continue reading” to watch.

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Watch some stuff

In case you missed these up top, our montage reels if you please:

Here at Humoring the Fates (yes, we spelled it wrong there for the search engines… the studios are spelled old world style: Humouring the Fates) we use a lot of different techniques to craft animation. We think modern 2D cel animation has suffered a lot in the digital age. Software has allowed animators to rely more on digital trickery in favor of the hard work of drawing frame after frame after frame to make something move. Our animators are broken like wild mustangs and taught ancient eastern Zen practices to sit for days on end to finish all the insane work required to animate your project. Our animators harness their raw artistry and passion into each 1/24th of a second of screen time.

Most of our styles are built upon hand made drawings, hand painted backgrounds, and hand made… well everything. Even when we make animation in 3D we hand paint all the textures to exist in 3D space… we like our animation to be organic.

Look at some art



We have a bunch of illustration & comics you can look at now.

Have a look by clicking on that chap there there——>

In our pursuit of creating motion were there was none before, often we are forced by benevolent hands to slow down and simply produce one static image. A cosmic sign to slow down and enjoy the motionless. A self reflective moment to feel each breath of the pencil’s graphite across the fine tooth of the page. One still moment forever frozen in iconic imagery to remind us that an animator’s life is fleeting.

Typically we ignore all that esoteric bullhonky and craft single images that capture motion despite their stillness… because deep down we are animators. Our lives are centered around making it move.