Nike : Meteor

The Nike: Meteor :30 TRT spot (not final sound):

We had fun with the creative department at AKQA on this spot which is pretty straightforwardly put as: “A woman’s kickboxing practice jumps into cosmic mode as she rescues the planet from impending doom.”

or in ad speak:

“The Nike Women campaign Be Transformed is specifically targeting young women in the Asia-Pacific region. It encourages personal transformation with confidence and strength through sports, activities and training programs. It features personal stories form athletes in that region: Sonia Kong (beach volleyball) and Flora Hon (hip hop dance) from Hong Kong, Mel Lozano (ultimate Frisbee) from the Philippines and Hannah Lo (kick-boxing) from Malaysia, among others.” Basically, we just had a blast making this 2D cel animation commercial from script to screen. It’s made in a sort of modern, hyper anime style and all the effects are hand drawn. The music for this animated commercial wasn’t used in the final and was a track from our house band Roppongi’s Ace. So don’t fret if you’re wishing that track was unused, it’s still a virgin ready to placed into your animated commercial whenever you’re ready.

The entire “Be Transformed” campaign was developed at AKQA, San Francisco, by creative director Neil Robinson, associate creative director Steve Clements, art directors Chantal Mora, Ian Aldous, Jimmy Soat, senior copywriter Bob Hall, copywriters Ellen Karas, Stephanie Kodeck, executive producers Mazen Haddad and Nancy Cardillo.

Filming was shot by director Rohitash Rao via Curious Pictures, New York, with live action director of photography Jeff Venditti, and editor Bob Mori.

Animation for Jump Rope was developed at Zoink Animation, Gotenborg, Sweden, by lead animator Klaus Lyngeled and live action producer Shannon Lords, with editor Bob Mori, post production supervisor Paul Schneider, executive producer Mary Knox and head of production John Cline.

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  1. exemplary work. You have gained a new reader. I saw all of these Nike spots in the theatre and wondered you made them. They were very cool the 5th and 6th time I’ve seem them now! I gotta get some of those shoes.

  2. Wow this commercial was made in the states!? I have to say I am amazed at the work here. I saw it on TV and went searching for it.

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