Joe is Japanese : Kokoro (with subtitles)

A little while ago we set out to make a series about a longtime friend of the studio, Joe McCunney. Since we’re an animation studio we figured we should do it as an anime with Joe providing his very own voice… and we never really thought to give him a script either. We’d simply record real conversations with him in Tokyo, and figure out how a cartoon was supposed to develop from that. We hit animation gold. We’ve produced a 330 page graphic novel detailing his real life adventures… and we’ll just stay… they are CRAZY. Here is a new(er) episode of Joe is Japanese that now has Japanese & English subtitles and a little more sound design. A new version is coming soon with some fixes to the animation mistakes.

Regardless, we’re hoping you like this one as much as we do. It is guaranteed to teach you one new Japanese word. Oh and yes, in real life the Island Masta is almost as much of an idiot as he appears in this episode. Almost.

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3 Replies to “Joe is Japanese : Kokoro (with subtitles)”

  1. Very very nice. This reply is a first impression, I have only watched it once so far. well written – different voice? The switching back and forth with the subtitles is good and the storyline tension is fine…I like the way the imagery is developing – there is a little loosening up of the line quality from the first one, but it still goes well – I am quite impressed with the cinematic framing of the piece…color is well done also/ has a nice smoky dramafeel – this is going to be great when it all gets done. Of course, I’m retaining all my privileges to get to say …Hey! that’s my boy! And yeah!!! I want to see MORE! NOW!

  2. Will there be more Joe is Japanese episodes? I found the old teasers from 2007 when I was living in Japan and looked forward to more for a long time. I would love to see more!

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