Halo : Anime

Did you hear about the Halo Anime?
Wouldja’ like to watch a little of an animated episode we made here at Humoring the Fates with the supa’ wicked awesome cast from Rooster Teeth? This is the very first installment of Microsoft’s Game Studio’s upcoming animated Halo brand. Lots more to come for this exciting new animated branch of the most successful video game franchise to date. We were glad to be a part of this from the very beginning.

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  1. Enjoying reading about your animation exploits. Hard work always pays off, and the quality of your work shows you know hard damn work!

  2. Good grief guys, that was downright AMAZING. You made that here in the states? Unbelievably good work! The firefight comedy section had me rolling.

  3. Yessir, that was built by hand entirely here in the good ol’ US of A… as most of our work is. Thanks for finding us. We’re hoping you’ll get to see more episodes of this soon.

  4. I thought this was an awesome concept. It would offer something new on TV rather then watching south park and family guy granted there great but what these guys are doing is great and fantastic, I only wished that they went through this anime series, to bad that they rejected the idea. Kinda sucks man if i had the opportunity they did i would have taken it but i guess we all have our problems and antics. All i have to say to you and rooster teeth is bravo, great work.

  5. Could you please tell me why this highly enjoyable animated RvB series was not continued? I know Burnie Burns has dismissed the project, but I as a fan of the show and of the single episode that Fate has created, has to now truly why.

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