Here at Fates we have been doing a simple, fun animated videos for clients for years. We’ve come to call them “explainers”. Maybe you call them whiteboard animations. Sure, we normally produce full-tilt boogie awesomeness but you know… there is a time and place for a stripped down approach. So that’s when Fates creates a quick, easy to understand animations that perfectly explain your service, product, or idea. So here are some proof of concepts:

AMC Networks “MipTV Keynote”


This was quite an honor. We got to produce the visuals in Josh Sapan’s Keynote address for the opening of this year’s MipTV. Josh is arguably the most brilliant CEO in the industry. He’s the guy that’s greenlit Mad Men, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Portlandia, The Killing, Hell on Wheels, and well… we could keep going. He’s a true bad-ass allowing creative minds to make television that other networks wouldn’t touch with with MTV’s d*ck. Below you can watch the 2012 MipTV Keynote and Q&A in it’s entirety. It is a very interesting look into how AMC Networks and other Pay TV producers have been successful with great content in the age of the Digital Demon.


A Fabler WIP

We’re working on this one now, but we’ve got to show you some creative ideas we’re exploring on this one right now!!! Will have a ton of unique effect animation and video segments when done. This is just an early render of this white board animation for fun:



Coordinated Health

Another one of our white board animations that was quick test for a client that needed a complete re-brand:


The Ferman “Little Guy”

We made this campaign for a national chain’s new pre-owned sales program. I think it was back in 2007 that these first ran. Amazingly they were so successful that they still run these spots to this day. We’ve clocked probably more screen time with these spots over the last über Nike campaign we did. Probably.


Canon Imagepress “An average exceptional day at the office”

There are photo copiers and then there is the Canon Imagepress series of copiers. These things are like the size of a tugboat and probably even cost more. So when Canon needed to tie in a simple sales approach for their most complex machines… we knew what needed to be done.


There are even more “explainer animations” to see, but the important one is probably still in your head, ready to be shaken out. Give our NYC development guru, Chris Walker, a call today at 212-844-9002 to get your process started.

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