storyboards made quickly by animators

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Our background in animation & large production staff make us the absolute FASTEST in the business. Seriously, we will save your ass one day. We make storyboards and animatics that will not only deliver visual information about your project, but also illuminate the emotional content of your spot, pitch, short form, long form, intellectual property on a napkin… heck, anything with a semblance of a script.

With our digital workflow and delivery system, you’d never guess we weren’t your in-house talent. We speak “art director.” The communication lines are so clear, it’s like we are in the next room. The only real difference is you’ll be missing that musky artists’ smell in person.

We make all different styles of ‘boards and animatics. Comps, photomatics, design comics, illustrations, 3Dmatics, digimatics, photo realistic, etc… whatever style you’re seeking, we have artists to tackle that need.

animatics made quickly by animators

Color StoryBoards

We do agency friendly storyboard styles, and we just do it extra fast. 30 plus frames in a day isn’t unheard of here. Because of the setup of our bullpen, our artists are able to work together to make the storyboards you need, RIGHT NOW! Double Rush… Triple Rush, no problem.

animated storyboards
animatics made quickly by animators

Color Animatics

Below are links to two rendered animatics. The first animatic is for SONY’s BRAVIA televisions as envisioned for La Comunidad. This was described to us as a photo blending EFX spot where the famous footballer KaKa becomes a series of children as he celebrates his love of the game. The other animatic was for a new promo for the Wolverine movie as envisioned for 20th Century Fox Theatrical. Click to the images to play:

animatics made quickly by animators

Comp Animatics

Here is a collection of examples of our supa’ quick animatic work.

We make these quick-turnaround, stage-one animated storyboards for both live-action & animation spot testing, focus groups, or for early proof of concepts. Our clients have found this service to be indispensable because their ideas can be presented in motion often on the same day. It also allows for an edit to be assembled immediately. You’ll know if the angles, motion, script, etc. function the precise way you’re imagining. This collection is in B&W but we can easily add color if the job calls for it.

Click the play button over there to see a SpikeTV bumper animatic that was made in 6 hours –>

We use our animation software & hardware combined with our our layout & keyframing skills to blast out these mini scenes. If you’re having a hard time focusing on one of these while they’re all playing like an angry wasp’s nest, click on one to enter into a slideshow:


animatics made quickly by animators

Comp StoryBoards

Our comps and storyboards are designed to give a good feel for what a “look” could be a few hours after a script is presented to us. Yes, we are that fast. Serious. We can even include motion examples (like above, but in color) for some of the more complex movements if requested. Here’s a show opening we did some pre-pro comps for in less than 12 hours. Click on the top left image to start and use the buttons to stop the slideshow if you want to read something. Think of Latin beats. Enjoy:

animatics made quickly by animators

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