How 2D animation is made from a modern animation studio

Each job requires a different approach. A reinvention of the artistic self or something. That’s the thrill of this business, at least to us. We use a lot of different techniques here at Fates, but we’re often asked to explain our workflow of making 2D animation. So in lieu of a big set of diagrams, flow charts, and PhD level dissertations… look at these pictures and you can glean an idea how how we make 2D animation (click for big size):

If you found that even remotely interesting you should visit our production blog and check out a ton of other production processes we use. There you can see a very in-depth breakdown as they happen daily. The Fates Crew uses a ton of different styles from traditional 2D cel, 2.5D deep composite, 3D stylized & photo-realistic, 8bit & 16bit game graphic, rotoscope, anime, and a couple more we don’t know how to classify yet. You can click the little scooter guy here for a quick lift to a land of where dreams happen one frame at a time and there’s always a rich, aromatic animator stank.

Image 01

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