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In case you missed these up top, our montage reels if you please:

Here at Humoring the Fates (yes, we spelled it wrong there for the search engines… the studios are spelled old world style: Humouring the Fates) we use a lot of different techniques to craft animation. We think modern 2D cel animation has suffered a lot in the digital age. Software has allowed animators to rely more on digital trickery in favor of the hard work of drawing frame after frame after frame to make something move. Our animators are broken like wild mustangs and taught ancient eastern Zen practices to sit for days on end to finish all the insane work required to animate your project. Our animators harness their raw artistry and passion into each 1/24th of a second of screen time.

Most of our styles are built upon hand made drawings, hand painted backgrounds, and hand made… well everything. Even when we make animation in 3D we hand paint all the textures to exist in 3D space… we like our animation to be organic.

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