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Humouring the Fates believes in animation’s awesome power to create brands. Whether it’s a feature length film, a TV series, a commercial campaign, a web-based clip, or just a little pre-visualization… we help our clients develop the strongest, character driven material for their communications.

We love to push the boundaries of 2D, 2.5D, or 3D animation and we look forward to doing it for you.

Founded in 1995, Humouring the Fates is a full service animation studio specializing in hand drawn animation. With a dedicated crew of directors, animators and writers, HTF has made it a mission to invent unique animation techniques and bold creative visions.

Call us at our main office: 813-253-3283 or NYC: 212-844-9002

-the Fates Crew

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2014 Network Series Development


We’ve been very busy the past couple quarters working on series development for several of our network clients. We’d like to give a special thanks to our two biggest network clients AMC and itv Studios. We wish we could show all of the fun pre-ivs work we’ve done this year, but we’ll just have to wait until the shows air.

We’re also proud to announce our involvement in the pre-visualization, pre-production, and actual production of the new itv series, The Trouble with Katie Rogers. Created by our good mate Des Taylor, the series follows the adventures of sassy, stylish NYC publicist Katie Rogers as she navigates the complex waters of media publicity and a complicated love life. It’s never a dull moment as she deals with celebrity clients, fashion divas and the men in her life!

If you’re at NYCC this year stop by the Madefire booth @ 1658 to meet us, Des, and get a copy of the complete graphic novel, soon to be an animated series!



Three SUPERBOWL Commercial campaigns!!!

We were really busy trying to wrangle the work we had leading up to the big game. For Super Bowl XLVIII we had no less than three campaigns we were fortunate to work on. We had the biggest part in the Newcastle ‘No Bollocks’ campaign under Droga5‘s brilliant direction.Their creative called for storyboards to be the final visuals for all the commercials, part of the #ifwemadeit concept. This is perhaps the funniest work we have been enabled to do in years. Anna Kendrick also ‘guest-starred’ in a few of our animatics… and we’re still not sure how that worked.

We also did the pre-production & ‘boards for the Mars M&M’s superbowl spot under the direction of BBDO. This commercial just has a great buildup and fantastic pay-off. Don’t blink or you’ll miss the easter egg… Selena Gomez is the mafioso’s gun moll:

And to complete the trifecta we had a small part to play in Mu//en’s campaign for Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which you can see if you just scroll down. It was a busy season and we look forward to completing your challenge next. Give us a ring today!

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Seindfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee & Acura's NSX campaign for Mullen

Um, wow… this was an absolute honor to work on this campaign for the fine people at Mu//en. So much awesome packed into one job. If you haven’t seen Jerry Seinfeld’s new digital series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee yet, start there. As you can see, it is blatantly Acura branded but in a way that only Seinfeld & gang could get away with. We were brought on to match the style and branding of the CICGC series and create a launch animation for the brand spanking new Acura NSX supercar. Not only that, but we were to make it such a way that each frame of the ‘flipbook’ style animation would be tweeted on the Acura Twiter so as you scroll down, you control the frame rate of the animation. Once you get the page scrolling fast enough you’ll reach persistence of vision and see the NSX rip around and then, hand you a free coffee. In fact, as part of the promotional campaign lucky re-tweeters got a free Starbucks coffee: #NSXCoffeeRun

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Tango & Spotify Merger Video

He’s a spot we made that had a built in audience of just 169 million viewers. It’s part of a campaign we made promoting the merging two powerful platforms with the 145 million users of Tango and 24 million users from Spotify. The partnership marks the first time Spotify has been integrated into a platform like Tango’s, creating the first mobile messaging app to blend communication, social features and music. The partnership with Spotify adds an amazing catalog of music to the many ways in which Tango’s users can express themselves through messaging.

This is the launch teaser for the campaign with we developed with David Oh from the new digital agency SHEEP. In fact we left his scratch audio on our edit here just for fun. More sexy dancing animations coming soon!

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FATES at San Deigo Comic Con 2013

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Once again we’re premiering a film at San Deigo Comic Con. Our film, PostHuman, is set in an adrenalized future of espionage, assassins, and out of control superscience, PostHuman follows a genius hacker and his dog as they help an enigmatic young woman free the remaining test subject of a black ops ESP test lab. Fully animated in-house here at Fates.

UPDATE: What a ride ya’ll. SDCC 2013 was epic. We will have to update on the events. Thanks to the droves of fans that came out to the screening. Hope our panel wasn’t too late night. Watch the full teaser below:


PlayStation 4: Greatness Awaits

We were proud to be a part of the first PS4 commercial ever made. Sony’s gaming brand is worldwide phenomenon, and the new console launch has been 7 years in the making. This is an epic moment for gamers. So the launch commercial had to be EPIC. Here is a quick 2.5D animatic built from our production storyboards working with BBH creative director Nate Able.

The Greatness Awaits campaign was developed at BBH, New York, by chief creative officer John Patroulis, executive creative director Ari Weiss, creative director Nate Able, copywriter Rick Herrera, head of integrated production Justin Booth-Clibborn, senior producer Jennifer Moore Bell, production assistant AJ Gutierrez, head of account management Armando Turco, account director Melissa Hill, account manager Georgie Gooley and account coordinator Marshal Kerns.

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Nike : Meteor

The Nike: Meteor :30 TRT spot (not final sound):

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We had fun with the creative department at AKQA on this spot which is pretty straightforwardly put as: “A woman’s kickboxing practice jumps into cosmic mode as she rescues the planet from impending doom.”

or in ad speak:

“The Nike Women campaign Be Transformed is specifically targeting young women in the Asia-Pacific region. It encourages personal transformation with confidence and strength through sports, activities and training programs. It features personal stories form athletes in that region: Sonia Kong (beach volleyball) and Flora Hon (hip hop dance) from Hong Kong, Mel Lozano (ultimate Frisbee) from the Philippines and Hannah Lo (kick-boxing) from Malaysia, among others.” Basically, we just had a blast making this 2D cel animation commercial from script to screen. It’s made in a sort of modern, hyper anime style and all the effects are hand drawn. The music for this animated commercial wasn’t used in the final and was a track from our house band Roppongi’s Ace. So don’t fret if you’re wishing that track was unused, it’s still a virgin ready to placed into your animated commercial whenever you’re ready.

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Halo : Anime

Did you hear about the Halo Anime?
Wouldja’ like to watch a little of an animated episode we made here at Humoring the Fates with the supa’ wicked awesome cast from Rooster Teeth? This is the very first installment of Microsoft’s Game Studio’s upcoming animated Halo brand. Lots more to come for this exciting new animated branch of the most successful video game franchise to date. We were glad to be a part of this from the very beginning.

^^– Just click that image up there –^^
Do keep this off youtube and other video sites please. Click below to see more pics & design stuff from the production

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Nike : Punching Bag

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Click above to watch the Nike:Punching Bag spot (not final sound).

Ricky Engelberg, Nike’s digital director for Asia Pacific, sums up the theme of these spots real nice: “The ‘be transformed’ initiative celebrates the revolution across all aspects of women’s lives. Nike aims to inspire them to take control of their own personal development and understand the value in training.”

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